The Best Week So Far

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to write about the best week I’ve had in Norway so far. My boyfriend Keegan actually journeyed all the way from Washington State to Norway to visit me! I could’t have been any happier and we had the best week together.

We had decided to meet up the week of October 15-21 because his visit would mark the halfway point of my time in Norway and our time apart. The plan was that Keegan would land in Oslo and then take the train by himself to Bø, where we would have our happy reunion at the train station. HOWEVER, things didn’t turn out that way.

Keegan’s plane landed at night on Saturday so there were no trains going to Bø. He had to spend the night at a hotel in Oslo. The next morning as I was excitedly getting ready and Keegan was supposed to be on his way, he messaged me that all the trains to Bø were sold out except for the one that arrived at 9:00pm. We were so disappointed! I couldn’t imagine waiting in Bø all day when Keegan was just in Oslo, also waiting. So I finished getting ready, bought the soonest train ticket to Oslo Central Station (and tickets to get us back to Bø in the evening), and hurriedly packed some things before hopping on the train.

After a two hour train ride and many minutes wandering around Oslo station with spotty wifi trying to find each other, our reunion happened as I was walking up the stairs and he was walking down the stairs. We were so happy to finally be with each other after two months! We pitched out at the sitting area of Burger King to catch up and relax after a stressful start to the day. After sitting at Burger King, I even got the pumpkin spice latte of my dreams from the Starbucks there in the station.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

We bought a croissant as a snack and some pizza for dinner and then we wandered around outside of the station.

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After taking the pictures above and watching the leaves fall from the trees around us, we headed back into the station and waited to board our train.

The biggest problem with getting back to Bø in the evening was that we couldn’t move into our airbnb cabin. I had booked a small cabin about 12 minutes from downtown, and also reserved a rental car so we wouldn’t have to use the busses every day. We were supposed to move in that day but couldn’t because Keegan had been stuck in Oslo. What we ended up having to do was spend the night in my small room of Breisås which didn’t guarantee us a good night’s sleep. The bed was pretty much too small to fit both of us but it was our only option. Nevertheless we made it through the night, picked up the rental car in the morning, and drove to our cabin in the afternoon.

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The cabin was small and cozy; perfect for two people. There was a living room with a wood stove, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. Thank goodness for the wood stove because the mornings and nights were especially chilly. The cabin was located in the countryside so the scenery was very autumnal and beautiful. We went on a few walks during our stay and very much enjoyed them.

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Our airbnb owner Fride was very nice and welcoming. She also had an equally welcoming cat that came to visit us in the mornings. Keegan first met it in the morning when he was drinking his coffee outside. He messaged me to come out and see it, as I had been drinking my coffee inside. I ran out in my slippers and pajamas and was so glad I did. I took a lot of pictures but you’re only seeing three of them haha I don’t know its name because we forgot to ask before we left, but after cuddling with it I’ve never wanted a fluffy white cat more in my life.

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Our week together mostly consisted of hanging out, eating together, and watching movies. That might sound boring but eating food and watching movies are two of our favorite things to do together. I still had classes so we wanted to stay in town or at the cabin most of the time. One of my favorite days out of the week was Wednesday because I didn’t have any classes so we both slept in (this was also the morning we met the white cat) and then we headed to Skien in our car and shopped at the big mall there. We did some fun shopping and ate lunch at McDonalds because we both like American McDonalds but Norwegian McDonalds is even better. This menu had a veggie burger meal (I LOVE veggie burgers) and a sweet potato fries option that Keegan chose to go with his meal. After eating we did a bit more shopping and then headed home.

As we were driving back to the cabin, I noticed a pull off area by the water a little bit ahead of us. I told Keegan to slow down and we turned into it. I don’t know what the lake was called, but it was the prettiest place to take some pictures as the sun was setting. The colors of the sky reflected in the water and the trees bordering it were dark green and gold. I’m so glad we spontaneously stopped there.

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Come Saturday morning it was time for Keegan to leave Norway. We woke up at 8am and while Keegan packed up his things I packed him food for his journey home. We drove to Bø station around 10am as his train would arrive at 10:27am. I was feeling fairly emotionally stable until we were waiting inside the station. We were sitting quietly, Keegan’s arm around me and my head on his shoulder. That’s when I lost it because I realized that my best friend would be leaving me in a matter of minutes. I’d felt the most comfortable and least homesick being in a foreign country with him by my side. I cried as I watched him board his train and speed away down the tracks. I drove back to the cabin alone which felt so strange after having been with Keegan the whole time.

Back at the cabin I needed to clean up and pack my things into the car. This was good because it kept my mind busy and distracted me from how sad I felt. I checked out of the cabin around 2pm and after unloading my belongings into my room at Breisås, I returned the car and walked back up the hill to return to my normal life in Bø.

Keegan and I had the best week together. Being in a long distance relationship totally sucks, but seeing each other in the flesh reminded us why it’s worth the trouble. We felt refreshed and renewed after spending time together, and are ready to take on the second half of our time apart.

I look forward to when I land in Washington on December 18th and Keegan picks me up at the airport, just in time for Christmas. I’ll do my best to cherish my time here though, because I know it’s going to go by fast.

❤ Olivia




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