Autumn in Norway

Hello again! I haven’t been up to much lately. I haven’t gone on any adventures besides the occasional hike or a trip to the mall in Skien. However, what’s been on my mind rather than what I’ve been up to seems worth mentioning.

It’s officially Autumn in Norway and it’s starting to feel that way. The mornings are very cold and crisp, but by the afternoon the sun is out and casting a golden warmth on everything. The leaves are changing colors as well. Bright yellows and reds. It’s very beautiful but I can’t help missing home.

Colten in the Fallen Leaves
House of Autumn Colors
Green Leaves Turn to Gold

Autumn is the beginning of the festive season; when it’s time to start decorating, wearing themed clothing, watching traditional movies, and baking seasonal treats. I LIVE for this time of year back home. Autumn and Winter might be my favorite seasons just because being festive makes me incredibly happy. Being here, I can’t do the festive things that I’m used to doing and that’s really hard for me. Norway doesn’t really celebrate Halloween. Or maybe they do because nothing is spookier than not being able to find Halloween candy and pumpkins at the store in October!! My brother informed me that there was a Halloween store in Stavanger (he went to visit for a couple days, the picture below is his) but there’s nothing Halloweeny in Bø as far as I know. You can bet your boots I’m on the lookout though!

Halloween Store in Stavanger

I heard that there will be a Halloween party at the school ( possibly a dress up one, fingers crossed), and thinking further ahead to Thanksgiving, some of the American students had the idea to have a potluck style gathering so we can celebrate as best we can. Through the rest of this month I’ll be dreaming of candy corn and pumpkin spice lattes, things that I took for granted until now. I know it’s silly, but I can’t help wishing for the little things. Hopefully I’ll find a way to watch some of my favorite Halloween movies too, so I can at least do that.

This upcoming week is our study week so I don’t have any classes. This is perfect timing because I can prepare for when my boyfriend Keegan comes to visit! I’ll definitely be writing a blog post about what we do because we have some little adventures planned.

That little update is all I’ve got. Thanks for reading! Oh and friends and family in America, go smell the Autumn scented candles at Bath and Body Works for me would ya?

❤ Olivia

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