My Brother Came to Visit!

Hi everyone! A week ago my brother Colten came to visit me in Bø! While I’m going to school in a cozy little town in the country, Colten is studying in the busy city of Oslo. I think it’s so funny how we’ve both ended up in Norway at the same time, but hey I won’t question fate.

For those of you who know my brother and I, we are two peas in a pod. We like to joke that we’re twins because we have so much in common and think the same way. He’s my best friend if I can count my brother as my best friend.

Before he arrived however, I encountered a problem. I went into the kitchen of my house to make myself breakfast and saw a little kitten wandering around outside on the deck! Immediately I was worried because the kitten was so small and walking so near the road. I couldn’t let this kitten get hit by a car so I went outside and called to it to see if it would come to me. It did! It was a very friendly kitten and let me pick it up and bring it inside. I put it in my room with me and figured out what I should do.

Unexpected Visitor (1)
Unexpected Visitor (2)

My room was a mess and my laundry was laying on the floor to dry, as I hadn’t been expecting visitors (until later when Colten would arrive). The kitten, after inspecting my room and drinking some water from a cup I had put on the floor, settled onto one of shirts. I was worried that it might pee or poo in my room but the alternative of turning a blind eye and letting the kitten wander by the road didn’t sit well with me. I’m happy to say that the kitten didn’t have an accident in my room, and thankfully it was wearing a collar with the owner’s information on it. I had a phone number and a name of an owner but no way to contact them. My phone doesn’t have service to call because I’m in Norway, not the US. I decided to post a picture of the cat and the information on the collar in the international student group that I’m a part of on Facebook. All of the international students (and the student advisors who help us with any questions we have) that go to the college here belong to one big Facebook group where we can communicate. After making the post one of the students called the owner for me and came to pick up the kitten. I was happy that it returned to its family but I quite enjoyed having a furry friend in my room for a little while.

Later that day, Colten arrived! I walked down the hill to meet him outside of Rema 1000 and then walked back up to show him where I’m living. We hung out in my room just to rest for a minute and have a snack and then I decided to take him into town. I showed him the school, the church, and we stopped at Spar (a grocery store) to pick up a few things for later in the evening before heading back to my house.

Colten is Weird
Bø Haugen (Bø Garden), the Cemetery
Bø Kirke (Bø Church)
Siblings Reunited

Of course I had to take some pictures to document our day together. We spent some time at the church walking by all the graves and then we sat and chatted for a bit. The church is at the top of a hill so it was a very peaceful and picturesque place to catch up. Being up there surrounded by mountains and overlooking the town below is a good reminder of where we are. We’re in freakin Norway and it’s amazing!

After leaving the church we stopped at Spar to pick up some unhealthy snacks since we were having a scary movie night. I’ll take any opportunity to buy some treats. Once we got back to my room, Colten and I looked at the hotel in town for vacancy since my room is too small to comfortably fit two people. I wanted Colten to stay in a hotel so that we would both have a good night of sleep… but it didn’t work out that way. The hotel was all filled up for the night! So Colten had to push the extra bed that we had in the house into my room.

Colten’s Bed

Look at him, making himself right at home and getting to know my troll! The bed didn’t have any sheets or pillows so I gave him my fluffy blanket for the night. He didn’t mind that we had to have a slumber party, and I was okay with it after knowing that he absolutely couldn’t stay at the hotel. It was like we were little kids again, sleeping in the same room (except this one was much smaller and we were much bigger haha). After I made us dinner, we watched Insidious Chapter 3. I wasn’t a fan of the first movie but Colten LOVES it. I didn’t even watch Chapter 2, but nonetheless I thought Chapter 3 was pretty good. It definitely spooked me and that’s what I wanted! I only ever watch scary movies with others and when I know that someone is going to be nearby at night so that I’m not as scared later. Because of that, it turned out to be a good and bad thing that Colten had to spend the night in my room.

At 4am I woke up and was having some flashbacks from the movie. You know the kind where you want to cover your head with the blanket and sweat out the fear under the covers until sleep decides to take you back. The good part was that Colten was right next me so I knew that I wasn’t alone. The bad part was that Colten snores really loudly. The snoring made it difficult for me to go back to sleep and easier for thoughts of the movie to creep back into my mind. I ended up messaging my boyfriend for a little bit because at 4am my time it’s 7pm his time. That distracted me from the movie and Colten eventually woke up to use the bathroom so he stopped snoring. In the end I was able to go back to sleep.

The next day was Sunday. We had a lazy morning. I made us breakfast and then we watched another scary movie called Lights Out. It was good but not as scary as Insidious Chapter 3 in my opinion. After that we didn’t really know what else to do. Fun fact about Norway, next to nothing is open on Sundays. I would have showed him the mall but since that wasn’t an option we just walked around town a little bit more and then he bought lunch for himself at the small fast food barn by the station. We went back to my room where I had to take a nap (from not getting the best sleep), and Colten ate his meal. When I woke up, Colten was just starting to pack up his stuff to catch his train back to Oslo. We said our goodbyes and he messaged me two hours later to let me know that we was home safe.

Colten really liked Bø! He likes Oslo since there’s so much to do but that’s also the downfall. Oslo is so busy all the time that he said it was easy for him to get overwhelmed. He liked that Bø was so quiet and rural but not too boring. Colten also loves hiking and he could basically do that everyday here since there are trails everywhere. I’m so glad he enjoyed his visit and that he came in the first place. I love spending time with my big bro!

I hope that we can meet again for his birthday, September 25th. I think I’d like to go to Oslo but maybe Colten would want to come back here for that, I’m not sure. I definitely need to go to Oslo at some point. I’m just getting the hang of how the busses and trains work so I think I’ll be more comfortable with traveling soon. Just yesterday I took the bus alone to Skien (a town about an hour away) so that I could shop at the big mall that’s there. I get very anxious and nervous about doing new things alone so I was proud of myself for being able to do that. Even baby steps make progress 🙂

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for reading!

❤ Olivia

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